Whistler, British Columbia

Saturday, September 8, 2012

When we were in Vancouver, Vu’s cousin suggested a day trip to Whistler, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Even though Whistler is famous for its top notch ski resorts, Vu and I were excited to explore the hiking trails.  

On the way to Whistler, we stopped by Purebread, a small bakery known for its amazing selection of bread and pastries--almond croissants, nutella brioche, cream scones, cookies, and brownies.  

I wasn’t in the mood for anything sweet and ordered the lemon bar instead.  It was the best lemon bar that I have ever tasted.  The short crust bottom was crumbly and the lemon layer had the perfect balance of tartness.  

We went on our merry way after our pastry fix.  

Despite our late start, we were able to squeeze in a 3 hour bike ride.  It was my first time riding a bike in six years and my struggle with the gears was apparent.  I was fearing for others as I flew down the slopes at times, praying that I would not crash into fellow bikers.  The weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful.  

We were engulfed by the pine forest with its scent permeating the air.  Those pine scented car fresheners pale in comparison.  We made a few stops along the lakes.  The water at Alta Lake was pristine and calm, glistened with the glorious summer sun.  The majestic mountains.  The welcoming lakes.   And the vast pine forest.  Nature at its finest.  We were in awe of our surrounding.  

These pictures couldn’t capture the magnificence and beauty of Whistler.  You have to be there.  At the end of our trip, my legs refused to pedal and I walked my bike to the rental shop but the trip was worth it.   

Vu and I agreed that Whistler is one of our favorite destinations.  On a different note, I recently came across Aran's beautiful post of Whistler.             

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