Celebrate Spring with Peonies

Monday, June 9, 2014

I was inspired to celebrate spring when I saw this beautiful post about peonies from Lindsay Emery of Suite One Studio.  Unfortunately I have not sighted any peonies at any of the farmers markets since we moved to San Diego.  

Peonies are my favorite flowers.  They are a rare fusion of fragility, majesty, and beauty.  

As luck would have it, a friend showed up to work with two bunches of peonies.  She had bought them from Trader Joe’s.  Imagine that!  I was beyond excited as I stood in front of the peonies section to make my selection.  It must have taken over fifteen minutes to decide but I finally went with the light pink ones since they reminded me of my wedding bouquet.  

They took a few days to bloom so we got to enjoy these breathtaking beauties for a whole week

These peonies are perfect for savoring the last few days of spring since summer is right around the corner.

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