Cookbook Review: My New Roots Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season

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Having not known about Sarah Britton’s blog prior to getting My New Roots, I dove into this book without any preconceived notions. I loved the way she opened the book with how a yellow, pear shaped tomato changed her life. She described her experience as, “When I put the fruit in my mouth, I immediately noticed the softness and delicacy of its skin. But then I pressed it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, and it burst into a universe of flavor quite unlike anything I ever experienced before. it was bright, fresh, grassy, sweet, and overflowing with juice. The tomato tasted off all the things that had made it--the sun, the rain, the soil, the hands that tended it.” That very moment made her realize that she is connected to what she eats and led her to a year long food immersion experience on an organic farm where she worked the land and ate what she grew. I also enjoyed reading about her experience in Copenhagen as a cook and how her blog came to be.

After the short introduction, My New Roots has a quick section for essential techniques with useful information on how to cook legumes and grains, making ghee, nut and seed milks, nut and seed butter, and growing your own sprouts. Our family loves breakfast so we tried some of the morning recipes first. The strawberry coconut milkshake, raspberry breeze smoothie, and dark chocolate cherry overnight oats were delicious. I will probably use one tablespoon of chia seeds instead of two for the overnight oats since they soaked up too much of the milk and the consistency was too thick for our liking. We also tried the “life-changing loaf of bread” given its interesting name and how popular it seems. In the end it was a flop for us. Bread might have been the wrong name for this recipe. Granola bar might have been more appropriate. It was too seedy and didn’t have the texture that we would expect from a bread. Chad Robertson from Tartine bakery would probably agree with me on this one. We also tried the strawberry chamomile no-churn frozen yogurt and it was really easy to make and quite refreshing. I skipped the chamomile since we didn’t have any at our disposal. We’ll make it again with the chamomile to see how differently it would taste.  My favorite salad was the roasted butternut squash with grilled halloumi and dukkah on massaged kale. The flavor profile of the salad was spot on, and it’s on rotation with some of my favorite salads for lunch.

Some of the recipes that I’m looking forward to making are the apricot rhubarb clafoutis, ginger ale, pina colada passion fruit popsicles, raw cashew yogurt, fig and buckwheat breakfast tart, upside-down plum cake, banoffee pie, and blood orange chocolate cake.

I initially got this book to get more ideas for planted based breakfast and lunch recipes. What took me by surprise is the number of plant based desserts that I want to try from this book. At least they’re healthier desserts, right? Overall, we liked most of the recipes that we tried so far and look forward to cooking more from My New Roots.

*I received this book to review complementary of the publisher

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