Cookbook Review: Seven Spoons My Favorite Recipes for Any and Every Day

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I have been a follower of Tara O’Brady’s blog since its beginning and couldn’t be more excited to try the recipes from Seven Spoons. After perusing the book several times, I decided to make the ones that seem the most interesting and/or delicious. Honestly, I was sold at Vietnamese coffee ice cream. Vietnamese coffee and ice cream are two of the few things that we can’t live without so it was a no brainer. After 2 hours of prepping/cooking and overnight freezing, the ice cream debuted the next day and became an instant hit. I have made Vietnamese coffee ice cream many times but Tara’s addition of caramel brought it to another level. This recipe will be added to our arsenal of ice cream favorites.

The avocado toast was an easy and tasty breakfast item especially when my day begins at 5 AM with no time to make our usual noodles, eggs, or oatmeal. I skipped the sprouts and didn't think I missed anything.  And the bostocks! Where do I even begin? Bostocks are brioche slices soaked in orange syrup, slathered in almond cream, and baked until the edges are crispy and caramelized but the center becomes custardy. They were amazing and reminded us of almond croissants. Forget about making almond croissants! Bostocks are way easier to make and taste just as delicious any time of the day. I’m contemplating playing with different syrups to see how they pair with the almond cream.

Last but not least, the moussaka was better than I expected. I have been using chef Gordon Ramsay’s moussaka recipe from World Kitchen for years so it was time to try something different. Tara’s recipe was spot on and more flavorful than chef Ramsay’s recipe and just as good as the moussaka from our favorite Greek restaurant. Her judicious use of spices and seasoning created a more complex moussaka.  Another winner!

Overall, Seven Spoons is a great cookbook with solid recipes. I love the global influence reflected in the dishes that Tara chose to feature in this cookbook--from her Indian heritage, husband’s Irish and British roots, Canadian upbringing, Middle Eastern flavors, and so much more. Her style of cooking and philosophy resonate with mine and I can’t wait to try other recipes from Seven Spoons.

*I received this book to review complementary of the publisher

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  1. Sounds like we had the same experience: the book almost feels as if it was written just for me. I really enjoyed it.