Infuse Oil, Spirit, Water

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Infuse is such a fun book to read.  I love the story of how the authors decided to throw eight-year-old Kentucky bourbon and fresh peaches together over a decade ago which lead to an amazing peach infused bourbon and the passion for infusing.  Infusing doesn’t require a lot of expensive tools and most likely you already have them in your kitchen.  The basic tools are muddler, funnel, cheesecloth, strainer, peeler, and mason jars.  The authors give clear instructions for how to infuse using the base liquids (oil, spirit, water) and ingredients to infuse, whether it’s fresh herb, fruit, or tea leaves.  

My favorite chapters are the oil and spirit.  I’ve only tried a few recipes but they have turned out amazing.  I love the garlic confit oil and basil oil which I’ve used for a lot of pasta dishes and salads.  The fragrant of those two oils are heavenly especially when heated in a hot pan.  I like the fresh fruit infused spirits like grapefruit tequila and cherry bourbon.  If you love cocktails, you’ll have so much fun experimenting with the different fresh fruits and spices.  I have a bottle of passion fruit infused vodka brewing right now.  The only recipe that I tried from the water chapter is the Hanoi cold brew which turned out surprisingly delicious.  I was a bit hesitant since I’m used to the traditional Vietnamese coffee but the result was a pleasant surprise.  Overall, this is a wonderful book for people who love to experiment with infusing oil, spirit, and water.  I wish there were more recipes but the information provided will give you a good foundation for infusing and you can explore on your own.  Infuse will inspire you to find common fresh ingredients and transform your oil, spirit, and water.

*I received this book to review complementary of the publisher

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