Cookbook Review: Big Bad Breakfast

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Big Bad Breakfast by John Currence is everything I want in a breakfast cookbook and more. I was really excited to try the recipes from this cookbook given how much our family loves breakfast and needed more variety than the usual pancake, waffle, French toast, and eggs. The book is broken down into nine chapters: the welcome basket, egg, omelettes and frittatas, pancakes waffles and crepes, breakfast for dinner, cereals and grains, breakfast sandwiches, sides condiments meats and extra, and drinks/cocktails. My absolute favorite recipe from this book so far would be the shrimp and grits. The shrimp and grits were easy to make and so flavorful. I’ve tried other shrimp and grits recipes and this one has turned out the best. Other delicious recipes are the rum raisin and orange scones, German pancakes, and peach lassi. I’ve already bookmarked the crispy rice Elvis treats, honey buns, monkey bread, fig preserve, and spicy bacon onion jam to try next. Besides the delicious recipes, Ed Anderson’s beautiful photography makes every picture drool worthy. If breakfast is the most important meal of your day, Big Bad Breakfast is the perfect book for you.

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