Cookbook Review: The Cottage Kitchen

Sunday, October 22, 2017

I was really looking forward to cooking from The Cottage Kitchen by Marte Forsberg because of her beautiful work as a photographer.  Given her Norwegian root, I was interested in her Norwegian recipes.  Her grandma’s caramel pudding was delicious and was similar to other flan or creme caramel that I had before.  I thought serving it with whipped cream was interesting but it definitely tasted better without it.  The Norwegian waffles turned out delicious but they were more on the dense side instead of light and airy.  The meatballs with parsnip and cardamom puree was the one recipe that really caught me by surprised.  The recipe used rolled oats and I don’t usually make meatballs with oats but I guess the concept is similar to using bread crumbs.  The parsnip and cardamom puree was so flavorful and I would want to have this with meatballs instead of the regular mashed potato.  Her mother’s recipe for pancakes which reminded me of crepes.  I ate them with blueberries and they tasted kind of bland so the next time I had them with a strawberry jam which turned out more flavorful.  Overall this is a beautiful book but it lacked the deeply rooted Norwegian recipes that I was hoping to try.  The Nordic Cookbook or Fire and Ice would be a better choice if one was interested in Nordic cuisine.   

*I received this book to review complementary of the publisher     

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