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Banana nut bread
Berries crumble
Blood orange cake
Blueberry and mascarpone galette
Bostocks (almond toasts) 
Buttermilk panna cotta with passion fruit pulp
Elderflower panna cotta with strawberries and pistachio 
Chocolate brownies
Chocolate cake with espresso buttercream
Coconut macaroons 
Crepes with strawberries and mascarpone
Dutch apple pie
Dutch baby pancake with peaches and blueberries
Earl Grey pavlova with figs 
Figs and yogurt tart
Figs with homemade ricotta cheese and honey 
Greek yogurt with granola and blood orange
Hidden rose apple tart 
Homemade banana granola
Homemade granola with yogurt and blueberries 
Meyer lemon yogurt pistachio cake
Orange blossom yogurt with figs and pistachios
Passion fruit cheesecake
Peach and blueberry cobbler with cornmeal drop biscuit topping 
Pink Pearl apple galette 
Strawberry ricotta tart

Other Sweets
Cherry compote


Asian braised short ribs 
Chicken and egg breakfast tart 
Chicken kara-age (Japanese fried chicken) 
Crab and ricotta stuffed squash blossoms with lemon truffle dressing
Crab tower with avocado and mango salsa 
Fig and goat cheese tart with thyme and hazelnut 
Garlic noodles with shrimp 
Honey roasted figs with goat cheese and Serrano ham on sourdough toast 
Kimchi fried rice
Korean fried chicken wings
Momofuku Ramen
Pan seared diver scallops with white wine sauce
Pesto sandwich with tomatoes and mozzarella 
Poached egg with grilled asparagus and Serrano ham
Pho ga (Vietnamese chicken noodle soup)
Roasted creme fraiche chicken with vegetables
Spaghetti and meatballs 
Turkey spinach lasagna
Thanksgiving turkey
Tonkatsu with napa cabbage slaw and miso tonkatsu sauce
Truffled polenta with mushroom ragu (vegetarian) 
Vietnamese shaking beef (bo luc lac)
Vietnamese sticky wings
Wild ramps pesto pizza with asparagus and shrimp



  1. I tried your Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with enough thyme leaves and it really matched my taste for soup! I usually fail in putting the right amount of thyme before, and this is the first time I did it right. I love squash soup. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. hi Jean! I'm glad you liked the soup!

    2. By the way, would it taste weird if I add a very little hint of spice? If it's okay, how? Would I just add more pepper or would it be better if I put another kind, like paprika, etc...

    3. Maybe adding less than a teaspoon of paprika or something spicy? It's definitely worth a try. I don't think adding more pepper would change it. I was thinking about adding curry and coconut milk next time to get an Asian inspired version. Please let me know how your turns out!

    4. Yes, do try that! I've cooked coco milk and curry based dishes before, and they always taste good.

      I've tried to put paprika but I must've added too much. Not bad, really. Next time I'll be more cautious in estimating the spices I use. Thanks! I'm gonna try your seafood next.

    5. Sorry the paprika didn't work out. I'm going to experiment the new coconut/curry version in a couple days and will share my result.

  2. The catering service from my cousin's wedding served something like your Currant, raspberry, strawberry crumble. I think I wanna try that at home. Thanks!

    1. Maddison, I hope you like it! I substitute different fruits for the crumble depending on what's available at the time.

  3. All of those are a must try recipe! Now I can have a daily meal plan for the whole week. Thanks!

  4. Do you recommend any snack that I can easily prepare in our caravan during long road trips? Preferably those dish that doesn't spoil easily?

  5. Where would I get the orange cranberry scone recipe?